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Life is complex. Pain and stress are costly. Everybody needs some laughter wellness. Our basic trainings are an easy way to get started and learn how to create refreshing, reliable, and sustainable upward spirals of positivity that promote wellness and wellbeing. Have questions? Contact us. Our frequently asked questions are here.

From $0.00 for you (+ make money!) if you help us organize

2 days in-person to tune up and tune in with the energy of laughter and enrich your life and work!

Basic Trainings

Emotional Detox

From $45.00

This is a stimulating, satisfying, and supportive 2.5h monthly playshop that will show you how to repaint your life with the colors of your choice. Come once to boost yourself up, or every month for a sustained impact!


This course teaches all the necessary knowledge and skills to facilitate fun informal group Laughter Yoga sessions and meditations with the general public, and laugh lots in the process. Laughter Yoga is a fun approach to laughter exercising that is popular in the world of social laughter clubs.


This is a complete foundation training in Laughter Wellness filled with useful, thoughtful, and comprehensive information on how to confidently facilitate a professional group laughter experience and incorporate Laughter Wellness in your own events.